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Therapies Unite Foundation

At FCL Global we are fully committed to our associations with various organisations that strive to help make our industry greener and work to help those who are disadvantaged. We are extremely proud to say that one of the organisations that we are associated with is the Therapies Unite Foundation.

In working with the Therapies Unite Foundation we have had the pleasure of partnering up with a truly inspiring individual: Laura Brown. Laura has embarked on a remarkable journey to engender significant change in the lives of children suffering from disabilities. Through her philanthropic attitude and sheer tenacity she established the Therapies Unite Foundation.

We are privileged to work with Laura and her team, and through this partnership we are proud to say that we are playing an active part in making a difference to the lives of children in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, by providing our global shipping expertise and services on a voluntary basis.

Press release: Generous donations enable charities to provide.

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