Requets a Callback


FCL Global Forwarding has been validated as the best forwarder for the job


Our customer CETCO had secured their largest global contract, the responsibility passed over to their UK plant to satisfy. FCL Global helped CETCO Europe UK to supply 427 forty-foot containers over the course of six months.

What we did:

We wanted to ensure that we delivered CETCO a quality service that covered all their needs at a competitive price.

Firstly we helped to secure them the contract through competitive pricing. We then drove operations forward by advising CETCO on import and export requirements and legislations and tailored the service to meet all of CETCO’s requirements; providing solutions to issues that were highlighted at the outset as challenges for our customer.

We also provided long term rates; securing equipment with the carrier, managed haulage, secured vessel space as well as destination free time with the carrier. As part of the FCL Global service we provide track & trace services for all containers shipped.


As a result of the service that we provided for CETCO, FCL Global Forwarding has been validated as the best Forwarder for the job based on our commitment to achieving our customer’s goals in terms of price and service execution.

CETCO also lauded the FCL Global team as “warm and friendly” and thanked us for our willingness “to go the extra mile”, without this CETCO felt that they would not have been able to manage the project as effectively.

Due to the successful running of this project, CETCO now feel that there is potential for similar projects being handled by Birkenhead in conjunction with ourselves and we currently manage CETCO’s weekly requirements and report daily on the progress of the project.